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Get to know Carlee!
(18yrs old from Escanaba, MI)

Carlee graduated from Escanaba High School in the Spring of 2017 with a 4.108 GPA & is in the Top 10 of Her Class, she also was on the A+ Honor Roll, received her Varsity Athletic E’s in basketball, track and field, and cheerleading, received an academic letter and pin, and was a Student Council Representative. Carlee will then be attending Michigan Technological University beginning Fall 2017.

Some of Carlee's favorite activities include kayaking, hiking, camping, health and fitness, and volunteering. The hobby closest to her heart is volunteering. Through volunteering, she feels she can make a positive impact in her community, while expanding an understanding of real-life issues.  

While preparing to compete for the title of Miss Upper Peninsula USA, Carlee felt that biggest obstacle to overcome "has been fully accepting myself for who I am. I once compared myself to other women, focusing on things I did not like about myself. Due to this, my confidence suffered and I was finding it hard to love myself. It was only when I began to accept my flaws, that I found true happiness in being uniquely me." With this sense of self accomplishment and finding self acceptance, Carlee hopes throughout her reign that she can represent a generation of young women who have experienced society’s harsh criticisms. She wants to focus on the opportunity to bring attention to the unique hurdles that women must overcome. Self-acceptance and confidence no longer come easily. Carlee's hope would be to shine a light on loving ourselves for who we are. The most important action would be to raise each other up: embrace the positives about one another instead of searching for the negatives. She feels that if we can accept others for who they are, then we can love ourselves.

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