Get to know Chloe!
(16yrs Old from Marquette, MI)

Keepers Of The Crown

Chloe currently attends Marquette Senior High School while also attending Northern Michigan University.

​She has a passion for Olympic-style weightlifting and has been this lifestyle of fitness for approximately five years.  She has been taking various dance classes since the age of two, is a member of the MSHS Varsity Dance Team,on the MSHS Track and Field Team, and in her free time enjoys going to the beach and spending time with friends and family.

Chloe also is a Member of the National Honor Society, received a mulitude of academic acheivement awards, & received the Citizenship Award. In her experience as a dancer, Chloe attended the 2015 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Junior Summer Intensive in New York City, she has also received the Highest Scoring Youth Female Solo & Youth Outstanding Presentation at DanZa Dance Competition at DanZa Dance Competition, Primary/Junior Best Technical Execution at Dance America for two consecutive years, National Dance Week Most Promising Performer at Dance America, & has received of numerous first place, gold, and high point/score awards for dance.

One of Chloe's goals throughout her year as Miss Upper Peninsula Teen USA is to use the opportunity to promote physical fitness among teenage girls, inspire other girls to be confident with who they are.  Chloe loves that she is an Olympic-style weightlifter, and wants to share with other girls that this is a sport women can participate in. Chloe describes herself as  confident, determined, and athletic; she finds inspiration in others who despite enduring obstacles, never give up.